“It’s Spring time…can you feel it?"

Spring has always put a song in my heart.  Mother nature awakens from her deep slumber and is reborn into pure beauty.  You don’t have to go far to admire Her talents.  Trees are blooming, flowers wake up to bees resting on their petals.  It’s a time for you to plan to awaken, recharge, plan to try and do new things.  There is love everywhere…just take it all in with deep breaths and true appreciation of what God can do. 

I am launching a new Spring dress line filled with pretty colors and a custom one of a kind purse line. Proceeds from each will benefit women in need to receive free mammograms.  I am a huge fan of preventive medicine.  If I had not been diligent about getting my mammograms, I would not have caught my breast cancer so soon.  Girlfriends…get your mammograms!  You are worth it.

This Spring “Be happy…just for the fun of it”.  This edition of my lifestyle blog is about “Health”. 

Health is our theme for this Spring 2017 Edition. 



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Hi.  I'm Christine.


I started the “Tickled Pink Club” for all women.  Together we can laugh, cry, be our true authentic selves and beat this target called “breast cancer”.  


Here's where my story started.

My name is Christine and I am just like you; a wife, a Mom, a sister, a daughter and an aunt.  Five years ago I was diagnosed with breast cancer.  I'll never forget that moment when the phone rang... it changed my life forever.  I enjoy today, I thank God for each and every day.  I am grateful for my close girlfriends and cherish my family.  I say “I love you” often.

I started the “Tickled Pink Shooting Club” for all women.  Together we can shoot stuff just like the boys can (even better) and we can conquer our fears.  Together we can laugh, cry, be our true authentic selves and beat this target called “breast cancer”.  We will shoot “Bullets for Boobies… one bullet at a time”.