Esquire Magazine rated Primland as one of the top twenty-five courses for shooting sporting clays in the nation.

“Clay” shooting is a challenging target game designed to simulate upland hunting conditions. Progressing through 14 stations over a mile-long course, shooters are presented with a variety of targets that simulate the flight path of game birds. At our grouse station, for example, shooters face flushing “birds” that zip in and out of the trees. At our “decoying duck” station, incoming targets float in toward the shooter. And at our “rabbit” station, targets are thrown end-over-end and skitter across the ground. Shooters may walk or travel by golf cart.

5-Stand Clays Shooting
Five-stand incorporates the best of skeet, trap and sporting clays into a field game that is fun and challenging. Each shooter attempts five targets from each of five stations for a twenty-five shot round. Five-stand is an excellent warm-up game for hunters and clay shooters since the level of difficulty can be adjusted and since it requires considerably less time than fifty and one hundred sporting clays courses.

  • Shooting lessons can be arranged with notice.
  • Loaner guns and ammunition are available at the South Gate Reception.
  • Children under age 18 must be accompanied by supervising adult.
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