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Christine’s Get Your Sexy Back Survivor


“Get Your Sexy Back Survivor”!

(a program provided by Tickled Pink Club)


“Turning Scars Back to Sexy”

Click on the video below to see our first event at Range Boutique!

Program details:

Tickled Pink Club Survivors will receive:

A full day of pampering, 

Before and After photos by Kahran from “Creative Soul Photography”

To include hair and make up make over by Maraz

A complete out fit stylized from “Range Boutique”

Free gifts and prizes from Christine’s Tickled Pink Club

Dinner for two at “Ray’s on the River”

You will be entered into the affiliate partner program “Send me on Vacation"

Candidates are selected every quarter. 

Please enter to win your free day to “Get your Sexy Back Survivor”

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Donations are very important for the success of this program, please click below to donate.  Tickled Pink Club is a 501-C-3 non-profit, volunteer-led organization.  That provides this free program as well as many other opportunities to help breast cancer survivors, fighters and strong women everywhere.

Give to help another woman.