Talk of the South

A Field Guide to Southern Oysters

Oysters in the South are all of the species Crassostrea virginica, but even the slightest differences in water temperature and salinity create distinct varieties, changing an oyster’s texture and taste. That means each one is like a little capsule of local flavor.

In the new book, Appreciating Oysters: An Eater’s Guide to Craft Oysters from Tide to Table, oyster connoisseur Dana Deskiewicz—who splits his time between Durham, North Carolina, and New York City—shares 85 slurp-able oysters from around the United States. Here, he provides a dozen of the South’s finest varieties, from Maryland down the East Coast, and all the way through the Gulf.


Inside Look: Holly Williams’s Rural Tennessee Rentals

First the Nashville musician took on retail. Now she’s expanding to small-town Southern hospitality with White’s Mercantile Room and Board

by ELIZABETH HUTCHISON - March 6, 2018



Eat Like a Local in the Delta

Mississippi native Cole Ellis shares his favorite places to eat in “the most Southern place on earth”

by CAROLINE SANDERS - March 5, 2018

“In 2013, we started with two meat counters and a little bit of ambition,” says chef Cole Ellis of the Delta Meat Market, located in his hometown of Cleveland, Mississippi. Originally intended to be a grocery store with a prep kitchen in the back, the establishment began serving lunch soon after opening. Business boomed, and Ellis had to open its doors six days a week instead of the intended three. “Now we do everything from serving food, to catering, to sourcing produce from far and wide—and as local as possible,” says the James Beard semifinalist. “We even dabble in beer. We have a dream of opening a brewery.”


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