5 Benefits of Meditation for Breast Cancer Sufferers and Survivors

Article courtesy of Chill.  By Laura Sage.

As a pre-teen I watched my mother battle breast cancer for about five years. Consequently, as an adult, I spend a considerable amount of my personal time trying to find a cure for the disease. My family, friends and I started a foundation in my mother’s honor devoted to this cause. We suggest we want to find a cure, but ideally, we’d prefer to find a way for fewer people to contract this horrible disease. And, of course, we want those that are sick to get the best, most progressive, effective and least painful treatment options available. We work with universities such as Northwestern University to ensure that the funds we raise are placed in the best and brightest medical hands. Our researchers are steeped in contemporary Western medicine.

1. Meditation is a natural boost for wellness.

2. Meditation can be done anywhere and at any time.

3. Meditation works on your mind-body connection.

4. Meditation can help with those nasty hot flashes.

5. Meditation has physical benefits, too.


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