Can Yoga Affect the Way We Age?

Photo by  Brigitte Sire

Photo by Brigitte Sire

For our recently released GOOP CLEAN BEAUTY book, we asked yoga master Eddie Stern—director and co-founder of Brooklyn Yoga Club—to tell us about how we can tap into the detoxifying, youth-inducing side effects of the practice. While many of the benefits of yoga are now well known, Stern’s answers were refreshingly compelling and entirely fascinating. We were particularly intrigued by his insight (which we’re sharing below) into how yoga and other life habits can impact the way we age. (You can read the rest of Stern’s Q&A in the book, where you’ll also find intel on clean eating, beauty sleep, regimens to keep your adrenals and hormones in balance, nighttime routines for glowing skin, clean makeup how-to’s, and more.)

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