Can Vitamin D3 Heal Autoimmune Diseases?

A major—far more than the standard recommended—dose of vitamin D3 could be one of the keys to treating the ever-skyrocketing incidence of autoimmune disease in this country, says Southern California-based Dr. Steven Gundry. Gundry, a renowned cardiologist, has spent the last fifteen years studying the human microbiome and helping patients with autoimmunity (read about his fascinating transition here), and found that his autoimmune patients were almost always vitamin D deficient. High levels of vitamin D3, he says, help heal the gut issues he believes are the root cause of autoimmune disorders and other diseases as well. (For a primer on how vitamin D behaves—like a hormone in the body—see this previous goop piece.) Below, Gundry shares the surprising discoveries he’s made that have caused him to overturn what he learned about vitamin D in med school, and that underlie the high levels of vitamin D3 he recommends.

A Q&A with Steven Gundry, M.D.

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