15 Ways to Stay Healthy This Winter

Immunity is the season's magic word. When temperatures drop and windows and doors stay shut, viruses can thrive indoors; if your immune system isn't up to the task, you're likely to catch the latest bug to hit town. This means less energy, the possibility of health complications, and just plain old feeling awful. That's why it's essential to ward off the very real threat of colds, flu, and other scary winter germs lurking on every doorknob, in every public bathroom, and on every grab-rail of your morning train to work. (Here are 6 more ways to cruise through winter without getting sick.)

Each winter, these infections put millions of people out of commission, cost employers more than $20 billion in paid sick days, and send more than 200,000 sufferers to the hospital. So how do you protect yourself? We've compiled a list of exactly what you need—and what you should avoid—to stay healthy during cold and flu season. These ideas made the cut not because they have fancy names or pack 400% of your daily vitamin allowances, but because they're safe, they've proven their worth in clinical studies, and our trusted experts recommend them. (Want to prevent winter weight gain? Then check out Fit in 10, the new workout program you can do indoors that only takes 10 minutes a day.)

1. Get a flu shot.

2. Stock up on pens.

3. Buy plenty of hand sanitizer.

4. Join a club.

5. Express yourself.

6. Set Goals.

7. Sign up for a rubdown.

8. Take a daily multivitamin.

9. Pop astragalus.

10. Move more.

11. Wash your hands—a lot.

12. Turn in.

13. Stay alert.

14. Take zinc.

15. Get an Rx.

Read more about each of these ways on http://www.prevention.com/health/winter-health-guide



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