How Joy Affects Health: Mapping How Emotions Manifest in the Body

As seen in the TIME The Science of Happiness book, "We may have more control over our happiness - an physical well-being - than we think."

What determines happiness?

50% Genetics
10% Circumstances
40% Behavior

According to research, links between happiness & health:

Heart health - happier emotions can lead to a reduction in coronary heart disease
Immunity - happier emotions build your immunity and you're less likely to develop a cold
Obesity - obese people experience stress, worry, anger and depression
Longevity - better moods have been linked to a longer life

Healthy habits for happiness:

Sleep more
Get outside
Eat more fish
Stand up straight

For more information, get the Special TIME Edition book.  It's amazing how our joy affects our health.

Self-reported body maps showing areas where subjects felt sensations increased (warm colors) or decreased (cool colors) for a given emotion. (Proceedings of the National Academies of Sciences)

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