Fake it til You Make It - Even a Forced Smile is Better than None!

Image courtesy:  Gizmodo

Image courtesy: Gizmodo

"Put on a happy face" means more than just "fake it til you make it."  Studies show that smiling can greatly impact your mood, reduce your heart rate and lower anxiety.  Here are some fun images that you just might not have to "fake" anything... 

Image Courtesy: www.happier.com

Image Courtesy: www.happier.com

Love this to-do list!

Image Courtesy:  Tumblr

Image Courtesy: Tumblr

"I'll be there"....
said the Serious Cat on a Moped

Monkey Say "Whaaaaaatttt????"

I Got Your Back.

Ready to Roll!

It's always more fun to laugh with a friend.

Take time for yourself and relax!

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