What is the difference between Mindfulness, meditation and Meditation (uppercase “M”)?

Over the past few years, the idea of living mindfully and practicing mindfulness has captured the collective imagination of people all around the world. From the streets of Bali to boardrooms in Silicon Valley, there has been widespread adoption and thousands of mindfulness gurus are teaching a myriad of flavors of it.


As a result, there are many diverging views about the similarities and differences between mindfulness and meditation and we find that often people are speaking past each other because a lack of consensus and clarity on what mindfulness and meditation mean. This is my personal attempt to provide some clarity and offer my own understanding. But first, let’s look at some of the existing opinions out there.

Some practitioners argue that the two are essentially the same — age old practices focused on making us more calm, developing a higher degree of self-awareness, and increasing our level of compassion towards others....


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