Eat Clean for 14 Days & Feel Great!

How do you keep it healthy while still enjoying delicious, satisfying meals?

It's all about choosing whole, nourishing food that taste incredible.  Let this meal plan guide the way!

by Clean Eating Magazine, March 2016

Join me for a 14 Days of Eating Clean.  That also means it's a "Dryathalon" Month (you guessed, it... no wine.)  No whining either.  If you need a good check in with your nightly indulgence of vino, check out this article too.  It can be rather eye opening, to say the least.

If you want to join on the Eat Clean for 14 Days, go pick up your March edition of Clean Eating Magazine, where you'll find this great meal plan on page 75 - 81.  Can't get your hands on the magazine?  You can subscribe here or visit some of their other meal plans here.

Together we'll ride this clean journey together... and I'm betting we will feel exactly like the article says...

or as Tony the Tiger would say it.... "GGGRRREEAT!!!"

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